Echte Patienten. Echte Geschichten. Echtes Leben.

Unsere TULSA-PRO-Patienten teilen ihre einzigartige Reise und Geschichte mit uns. Lesen Sie unten ihre Geschichten und was sie über das TULSA- Verfahren zu sagen haben.

“Alles hat sich wieder normalisiert und in einigen Fällen ist besser geworden seit fünf Jahren.”

— Ben, der erste TULSA-PRO® Patient, der hier behandelt wurde mit seinem Urologen, Dr. Chin

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Lesen Sie ausführliche Geschichten über die Behandlungen von TULSA-PRO- Patienten, von der Diagnose über das TULSA-PRO-Behandlung bis nach der Behandlung.


Derek, California, U.S.A.

48 Jahre

„Nach meiner Recherche habe ich mich für das TULSA-Verfahren entschieden. Nachdem das Verfahren bei mir durchgeführt wurde, stimme ich bereitwillig zu, dass es „minimal invasiv“ und „maximal effektiv“ ist.“

John, Texas, U.S.A.

64 Jahre

“By far, the TULSA Procedure had the lowest risk of any treatment out there. To me, there was no question. If you are a candidate for the TULSA Procedure, please consider it.”

Dave, U.S.A.

53 years old

„The TULSA-PRO system provided technologically advanced imaging, mapping, and succesfsul ablation of more than half of my prostate. The TULSA Procedure was less invasive and, in my opinion, far superior and than any other treatmnet.“

My diagnosis and limited options did not sit well with me as my new reality. I had too much to live for and had suffered too much recent loss just to lay down and take it. I questioned almost everything. I read as much as I could and hedged my bets by trying my best to change my diet and take natural remedies and supplements. There were and still are a few things that aroused my curiosity during my diagnosis, such as my „fusion“ MRI biopsy. I listened to almost everyone I felt I could learn from. Being in sales most of my life, I realized that specialists were first specialists in their field and secondly salesmen. They were selling their specialties to me, whether it be radiation or surgery. I felt uncomfortable discussing alternative therapies. I felt as if it was almost threatening to them, which made me want to learn as much as I could until I could decide for myself.

I first found out about HIFU in groups online, which led me to understand and become familiar with ultrasound and the exciting potential and pitfalls of HIFU. When I then learned about the TULSA Procedure, it was easy to see the technological advantages.

Being a healthy 52-year-old man, I did not know what to expect. Having a catheter for a week was not easy. But I knew how lucky I was to have been treated successfully, and I was aware of surgical alternatives. I stayed at a wonderful nearby motel and took it easy. I felt comforted knowing I was close to the Busch Center and the entire team. I felt that I was in the best of hands every step of the way, with virtual angels doing their best to help me, and I held my head up high – they helped me to do that. Yes, I cried. I experienced discomfort but little pain. Days after having my catheter removed, I regained continence and partial erectile function which has continuously improved over time. The TULSA-PRO system provided technologically advanced imaging, mapping, and successful ablation of more than half of my prostate. The TULSA Procedure was less invasive and, in my opinion, far superior and than any other treatment. Three months later, my PSA has now come back as a 1.1. Five months out, I am not back to 100%, but with 7 months to go, I feel great and I am happy with the preservation of my erectile ability to improve over time.

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Tom, Canada

72 Jahre

„TULSA ist die perfekte Wahl für jemanden, der so jung und aktiv ist wie ich. Ich wurde am Tag der Behandlung wie ein König behandelt, und ich hatte so wenig Schmerzen, dass ich am Tag danach nur eine einzige Paracetamol-Tablette brauchte. Ich ging wieder zur Arbeit und nahm innerhalb von ein paar Tagen an Sitzungen teil!

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