Stanford Healthcare is renowned for pioneering innovative treatments and for a commitment to enhancing community care. Our physician-scientists are at the forefront of developing groundbreaking therapies, particularly in prostate cancer care. Our dedicated team, consisting of expert radiologists and urologists, specializes in MR-guided focal therapy, offering state-of-the-art procedures to our patients.

Focal therapy targets only the cancerous areas of the prostate preserving healthy tissue, thereby reducing side effects like erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence. With MRI-guided precision, we provide advanced, personalized treatment plans that allow you to quickly return to your active lifestyle with your loved ones.

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Center address:

875 Blake Wilbur Drive Stanford, CA United States 94305


If you have any questions about the TULSA Procedure, an education team member from Profound will respond within 72 hours.   

Treatment team

Geoffrey Sonn, M.D.

Associate Professor Of Urology

Pejman Ghanouni MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Radiology, and, by courtesy, of Neurosurgery, Urology and Gynecology

Dr. Ghanouni is a board-certified radiologist, the Director of Stanford Minimally Invasive MR Interventional Center and the Stanford Focused Ultrasound Center of Excellence, and Chief of the Body MRI Division at the Stanford University Department of Radiology. He has expertise in prostate MRI interpretation and treatment of prostate cancer with MR guided ultrasound (TULSA and ExAblate) and cryoablation.

Ryan Brunsing MD, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Director of MRI, Stanford Hospitals and Clinics, Stanford University

Dr. Brunsing is the Director of MRI at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. In this role, he focuses on implementing cutting edge technology to optimize image quality and strategically develop MRI services. His clinical expertise centers on MRI-based cancer surveillance, complemented by providing several options to treat prostate cancer using focused ultrasound or MR guided cryoablation.

Vipul Sheth MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Radiology

Dr. Sheth is board-certified in General Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, with sub-specialty fellowship training in Body MRI. At Stanford, he is principally responsible for protocol management for pelvic MRI protocols and for the prostate PET-MRI program, leading MR image optimization of this highly sensitive tool for prostate cancer detection.  He has expertise in providing focal therapy using ultrasound ablation to treat prostate cancer and performs MRI-guided prostate cryoablation and prostate biopsy procedures.

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Negaur Iranpour MD

Clinical Instructor, Radiology

Rachelle bitton 150x150

Rachelle Bitton PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr Bitton is a lead medical physicist and expert in the field of ultrasound physics and MR thermometry, uniquely with over 15 years of direct clinical experience in MR guided ultrasound therapy. She provides intra-operative consultation to ensure high quality imaging to optimize real-time adaptive treatment planning for MR guided prostate cancer treatments.

Sharmila sewell 150x150

Sharmila Sewell PA-C

With over 15 years of experience as a physician assistant, Sharmila Sewell specializes in clinical triage and patient education, ensuring comprehensive care for each patient. On the day of focal prostate cancer treatment, she supports the physicians and manage all pre- and post-procedure steps, ensuring a smooth and informed treatment experience.

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