Dr. Kella and his expert surgical team have been working together for over 10 years, making them one of the most specialized teams in the nation for prostate cancer removal. We employ specialized procedures to avoid heat from cautery and minimize tension on the prostate, which are two key factors in recovery. After treating thousands of prostate cancer patients from around the world, we have become known for our prostate cancer outcomes.

We welcome all patients in our San Antonio clinic and are able to consult virtually. Our office strives to provide high quality care through advanced medicine in order to produce the best possible results for our patients. Our mission is to provide a warm and welcoming environment for experienced care.

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9618 Huebner Rd #202, San Antonio, TX 78240, USA


If you have any questions about the TULSA Procedure, an education team member from Profound will respond within 72 hours.   

Treatment team

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Naveen Kella, MD

Board Certified Urologist and Director at the Urology Place

Dr. Naveen Kella was fellowship trained in Urologic Oncology in 2003. He has established his practice in San Antonio and has built one of the most experienced prostate cancer programs in the nation.

His surgical experience with robotic prostatectomy is among the top in the world, with over 3000 cases personally performed from start to finish by Dr. Kella. He was one of the investigators for one of the first ablation technologies, which is high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) of the prostate. Dr. Kella has worked closely with radiologists in San Antonio in developing a program for 3T MRI prostate imaging and fusion biopsies.

These pursuits have led to establishing the first commercial TULSA program in the Southwest.

“I believe my extensive background in surgery and MRI make our program extremely well suited for TULSA PRO. Treating with MRI imagery makes a lot more sense when you have correlated hundreds and hundreds of patient MRIs with what their prostate looks like prior to surgery. TULSA PRO uses real-time MRI thermal feedback to treat prostate cancer with a robotic urethral ultrasound device. I’m excited to offer this new, FDA-approved technology to our patients.”

-Dr. Naveen Kella

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